How we fill jobs

We want you to hire the best person every time and every process we have is designed to achieve that.

  1. the kite process

  2. 1
    The Knowledge

    An implicit understanding of your market

    Getting to know you

    We are experts in Market Infrastructure. We bring a background of knowledge to every hire that enables us to understand your business environment in detail.

  3. 2
    the vacancy

    Exploring the context

    Who, what, why & when?

    We strive to understand the background, the context, the challenge and the urgency before beginning our search.

  4. 4
    the candidate

    Identify, evaluate and verify

    Recruit A-Players

    We know more A-Players in FMI than anyone else.

  5. 5
    the outcome

    Your Return on Investment

    High ROI Recruitment

    Hire someone who outperforms, becomes the best person in your team and gives you the highest ROI possible from your recruitment spend.