Our service provides flexibility throughout. How you choose to work with us depends on your immediate and long term requirements.

We always hold a long term view, even with our interim replacement service. We want to work with companies long after they make their first­ hire with us and provide an excellent ROI on­ all our­ clients’ recruitment spend.

To deliver this value, we do more than make recommendations. We set up networking events to introduce like-minded peers and interlinked businesses. We also ensure our internal training methods, principles ­and customer service are unparalleled. We are committed to improving our clients with every hire and to working with integrity.


We believe that trade processing providers, clearing houses and global exchanges should hire A-Players every time. We are proud of the fact that people who don’t quite fit are taken out of shortlists early, meaning we only recommend the best to our clients.

As a niche recruitment business we are better able to serve the world’s Market Infrastructure. We understand the market and know where the risks are – meaning we can find people to manage and drive these areas. Our service offerings include the following:

  1. Contract recruitment

    Day rates between £350 and £1500

    Kite’s team have substantial experience in placing contractors into some of the largest Financial Markets organisations. We are able to construct new teams in over 25 different countries and are experienced in building teams of up to 40 new people in one month.

    We guide and advise our clients through all aspects of contract recruitment, from large team hires to making your first hires in the international contract market.

  2. Interim replacement

    Day rates between £1000 and £2500

    Kite work with individuals at Board, Director and Senior Management level to provide interim support for businesses in the trading arena. Our interim team are able to provide support and guidance regarding organisational change, businesses strategy, direction and leadership.

  3. Permanent recruitment

    Salaries between £50,000 and £250,000

    Kite’s permanent recruitment team have a highly successful background in conducting large campaigns across Financial Markets. Our simple but effective techniques for measuring technical skills and candidate suitability have won us awards and earned us loyalty from our customers.

  4. Retained search

    Kite have achieved excellent results with retained search assignments. Our clients and shortlisted candidates have rated 100% of our search assignments as successful or very successful since 2009.

  5. Executive hiring

    Hiring executive level staff in Financial Markets can prove difficult and sensitive due to the collaborative nature of the organisations involved in the trade lifecycle. At Kite, we recognise that in modern search the challenge and subsequent value add is less and less in the identification of potential candidates; and more and more in understanding your message and ensuring that all approaches are done so in an appropriate manner.

We already work with many of the best in the marketplace and we know who the real A-Players are. Whatever timescale and urgency you need, our team can help you. Contact us on +44 (0) 207 628 0414 or client@kite-group.com to discuss your recruitment needs.